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COMFY HOUSE is a well-coordinated team of experts with incredible passion for wood, nature, ecology and broadly defined healthy lifestyle. Mission Our mission is to fulfil your dreams about your own house. The most important thing for us is to make you feel good and comfortable for the entire building period and after its completion.

We want to make it possible for you to live in a house of your dreams, feel natural warmth and safety.



Wood is a natural material whose ability to self-regulate air humidity creates an extraordinary micro-climate inside the building. The great advantage of wood is its ability to emit healthy essential oils that very positively affect the resident’s well-being and health.


The log house in which you may live is a combination of comfort and natural beauty. At you request, your house will not resemble any other houses. Just imagine how unique it will look in comparison to houses constructed from brick.


A great advantage of log houses is the thermal insulation properties of natural wood that ensure those houses are very warm in winter and consume about 30% less energy than houses constructed from brick and in summer, they provide pleasant cool inside the house.


Log houses have been built for generations in very harsh conditions, e.g. in Scandinavian countries or mountainous areas. Nowadays, we can still encounter in remote mountainous areas such houses built even hundreds of years ago.


The modernization, reconstruction or enlargement of wooden houses (e.g. adjustment of walls, change of fittings systems (water, sewer systems) are much easier to do than in technologies used to build traditionally constructed house.


The considerably shorter building time (compared to ordinary houses) will enable you to move to the house of your dreams much earlier.


You do not need to worry about where to build the house of your dreams. We are exceptionally flexible and understanding. We build in Poland and abroad.


The entire construction of a log house consists in combining wooden elements only with metal connectors, screws, nails, etc. There is no need to apply any technological breaks, and hence the whole house is built quickly. Some examples of designs prepared specially for you.



Our experts’ professional knowledge enables us to offer you a vast array of services. You will build with us:
All-year houses
Taverns, inns, hotels
Summer houses
We also fulfil special orders (sculptured elements, furniture, stairs, doors, etc.)
Rectangular bales
We construct our houses using top-quality wood such as pine, spruce, conifer (larch), fir. Each log are hand sawn by our specialists. Scope of construction works As you probably know, construction works comprise several stages. Depending on your needs, we can achieve the following conditions of the house:
1. open shell,
2. closed shell,
3. shell unit,
4. "turn key"

Contact us to discover our detailed offer tailored to your individual needs and expectations.


Here are a few examples of projects prepared especially for you.

You can also create your own dream house design that will suit your individual needs, or we are there to help you to select the most appropriate design for you.

Chodzież dw - 255,68 m2

Chmielniki dw - 236,42 m2

Chmielniki dw55 - 228,02 m2

Dębina z garażem - 107,90 m2

Zagórze małe - 144,76 m2

Dęborzyce 3 - 128,33 m2

Chmielów dw15 - 122,11 m2

Osiek 88 - 117,16 m2

Chmielniki małe dw - 126,79 m2

Czocha DWS - 95,28 m2

Grybów dw - 76,03 m2

Hoczew mała 3 - 44,67 m2
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Our key aim is to fulfil your building dreams, hence our experts provide you with financial support assistance to allow you to choose the most favourable and safe option.

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We wish to treat you exceptionally and individually, therefore please contact us in person.
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